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Our purpose is simple: to build a gym that improves our members’ fitness & health by combining expert coaching, intelligent programming & fun in a place where everyone feels they belong.

We started Gymnasium to change the way the world gets fits and we do things a little differently…


Proven group training methods that are tailored to delivering the best results for everybody and every stage of fitness.


From cardio, strength, functional, and stability our classes are never the same to build all aspects of fitness and keep things fresh, we run over 100 classes a week.


We know getting fitter is more effective and easier to stick to when done together so we work hard to build a positive and inclusive community. The social aspect of the gym is as important as the physical, which means we often program team workouts, we run lots of events and love a get together at the pub, on a cycle, or a dog walk!


Our dedicated and highly qualified coaches are by your side to motivate, educate, inspire and push you to achieve your goals. All coaches go through our own Academy to ensure consistency.


Our programming is split into 12 week blocks, each designed to progress the three pillars of fitness; strength, mobility & endurance to deliver consistent results.


We are committed to using our business as a force for good, from our impact on the environment and how we treat our staff, to how we help our broader community and so are very proud to be the only gym in the UK to be certified a B-Corp.



The foundation of our programming is based around our 3 pillars of fitness principle.

Over the course of our training cycles and across every class, we aim to develop our athletes in every pillar to deliver well balanced fitness and injury resistance both inside and outside the gym.

Strength & Power | Speed & Endurance | Mobility & Balance

Strength & Power

Including strength and power work in your training is crucial to achieving many fitness goals. It has a huge impact on building muscle, losing fat, and improving your ability to train for longer. Our CrossFit, Stronger, Delta ∆,  and Athletica classes include a variation of strength and power movements every week to keep your training balanced.

Speed & Endurance

Our classes are designed to develop our athletes ability through varied lengths of workouts. Short hard sprints in our Interval Weight Training programme help athletes develop capacity across short bursts. Classes like The Thread, use variable intensities and pacing to build capacity across longer time periods. With measured outputs included throughout our cycles, you can track your progress and see how much you have improved.

Mobility & Balance

Mobility and balance are often the most overlooked aspect of an Athletes training. Everyone wants to lift heavy and get sweaty. But we help you improve your movement and mechanics too. From our specific Motion classes, to the functional body building included in all our programming we help you move better. This directly translates to the other pillars of fitness

Read the summary below or click here for a more detailed description of our classes & programming

Delta | ∆ – our all round class that hits every pillar of fitness, rotating through a focus on cardio, bodyweight and strength depending on the day.
Available at BRX | WW at weekends

Athletica – mix of cardio, body weight and strength at high-intensity
Available at CLP | WW

Stronger – focusses on building fundamental strength with pushes, pulls and squats
Available at CLP | WW

Motion – flexibility, joint strength & stability
Available at BRX | CLP | WW

CrossFit – constantly varied mix of weightlifting, gymnastics & cardio at high-intensity
Available at BRX | CLP | WW

Olympic – technically complex, compound lifts
Available at BRX | CLP | WW

Open Gym – book a studio slot to perfect a skill, catch up a missed class or do your own workout
Available at BRX | CLP | WW

Run Club – twice weekly track, hills, drills and sprints
Available at BRX | CLP | WW


You can’t have amazing members without great coaches

That’s why we have highly qualified, experienced and well-educated coaches. Importantly they are full time with sick-pay, pensions & holidays. There is real career progression as Gymnasium expands. They all go on regular courses across a range of fitness & nutrition specialisms and bring their knowledge back top the wider team and members.

New coaches all go through our AcademyAcademy, our coach development program. We are recruiting and training coaches with a wide range of skills and backgrounds who receive a series of practical workshops, videos and our handbook to show them how we coach at Gymnasium.  They then join classes to shadow our full time Coaches before starting to lead classes themselves.



Jack is a former national league basketball player who opened IN2CROSSFIT Clapham in 2014 and IN2CROSSFIT Farnham in 2016. He was also the driving force behind renowned UK CrossFit competition; The Athlete Games. His passion is taking athletes who do not count themselves as remotely fit and showing them what they are really capable of.

Level 3 Personal Trainer:
  • Ushomi Fitness
  • Kettlebell Instructor
  • Bullgarian Bag Instructor
  • Olympic Lifting
BWLA Level 1: Olympic Lifting Instructor
  • CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Kids
  • CrossFit Mobility
  • CrossFit Football
  • CrossFit Coaches Prep Course
  • CrossFit Westside


Pete leads our Athletica program. He was born in Cape Town, South Africa and has been coaching since 2007. He represented his Province in rowing and played high level rugby until 2011. As a coach he has worked with Hollywood actors, stunt crews, sports teams and specialises in building female specific conditioning & strength programs.

  • Crossfit Level 1
  • Gym Jones Level 1


Tim leads our Compete program. Tim has played competitive Football his whole life. He represented his NZ province at under 21, and at the Milk Cup in Northern Ireland in 2008. He captained his team to 3rd place in the NZ Premier League. He has a Graduate Diploma in Applied Science specialising in Physical Conditioning, and has worked with and alongside top conditioning coaches and National Representative Scholarship athletes.

  • Crossfit Level 2
  • Crossfit Kids
  • Graduate Diploma in Applied Science Specialising in Physical Conditioning (Level 7)
  • Diploma in Applied Sport and Exercise Leadership Specialising in Personal Training (Level 5)


Sam joined Gymnasium as a member, starting out in Athletica and then adding CrossFit. She fell in love with Gymnasium and wanted to make it a more permanent fixture in her life and so 18 months later joined as a full-time coach.

Sam was a former swimmer, representing her county and competing at the Nationals. Although she no longer competes, she still very much enjoys the odd splash about and even started up the Gymnasium Swim Club.

  • CrossFit Level 1
  • PT Level 3
  • Swim coach Level 1


After working in marketing for years, Sophia trained and qualified as a fitness instructor around her 9 to 5 – running classes before and after work (sometimes taking a cheeky nap at lunchtime!). She realised that fitness was her passion, decided to pursue it full time and hasn’t looked back since.

Sophia is a qualified yoga instructor and loves helping people out with their mobility. In her spare time you can usually find her on her bike or running around SW London – so she’s super excited about Gymnasium’s Run Club and Cycle Club, and hopes to see you there too!

  • CrossFit Level 1
  • Level 3 personal trainer
  • Yoga instructor


Nic, was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. He played professional rugby, as well as district level waterpolo and bouldering. Nic then moved to Cape Town where his coaching career began.

In the eight + years since, he has trained private clients with individual needs, celebrity clients with specific goals for film, and most especially, group classes with mixed level participants.

Nic is passionate about functional fitness and the combination of both strength and mobility. He takes pride in being a part of his clients’ personal health & fitness journeys and believes that it also plays a major roll in ones mental health.

  • CrossFit Level 1


Whilst studying at Loughborough University, Sósie was a keen hockey player and represented the University. After graduating with a BSc in Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, she left her home in the Isle of Man for a career in sports events. During the CV19 pandemic she qualified as a Level 3 personal trainer and embarked on a new adventure as a PT. Sósie has been with Gymnasium since our Wandsworth gym opened it’s doors in April 2021.

If you haven’t come across Sós as a coach yet you’ll certainly have seen her sweating away in a class!

  • BSc Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences


Ryan is a sports-loving South African. He was a decorated International Rower as well as an experienced elite-level Powerlifter. As soon as competing in Rowing ended, his primary goal then turned to transferring his skills and time towards helping people achieve their fitness goals. With a degree in Psychology and Sport Psychology, Ryan not only understands the importance of physical development, but also mental development. This provides the base for his person-centered coaching style, ensuring that members are guaranteed to leave feeling encouraged about their fitness journey.

  • BSc Psychology and Sport Psychology
  • Crossfit Level 1
  • ISSA Exercise Therapy Specialist


Coach Alex first joined us as a member in 2015, after a few years learning about the Gymnasium experience as a member, Alex joined our part time coaching team.

In 2018 Alex left the corporate consulting world to join our permanent team and has vowed never to wear a suit to work again! Alex oversees everything to do with our strategy, processes and finance.

Alex is a CrossFit Level 2 Coach with a sports background in swimming, water polo and rugby.

  • CrossFit Level 2


After 25 years in corporate environments providing project management, administration, and business support services Karen started working with Gymnasium in 2017 and joined the team full-time in 2020.

Karen looks after all things non-coaching related including member services, business support and HR – if you have the red bar of shame, cannot book a class, want to change your membership or pass on some feedback Karen is the one to contact!

A former Nationals level competitive swimmer and Western Counties champion she now mainly swims open water and occasionally competes.  Owner of 14 year old twin girls Karen is well equipped for anything the members or the coaching team throw at her!

What set us apart is our focus on members above everything else

Everyone is welcome and all our workouts are adjusted to match the needs and abilities of every individual. Our current mix of Athletes is diverse and includes 75 year old Peter, competitive athlete Gwendolyn, 36 year old teacher Rebecca and 16 year old want-to-be pro footballer, Elliot.

You can read member reviews directly on Google:

Wandsworth ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Clapham ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


From beginners to advanced, Gymnasium is the best place for you. Coaches are very friendly and amazing professionals, are very well prepared and always there to help you achieve your best, it doesn’t matter if it’s your first time at the gym, they’ll make you feel at home. After years away from the fitness life, I couldn’t find a better place, the results were visible in less than a month. Wide range of lessons, and a very supportive community, felt good and welcomed from day 1.


I have been a member of Gynmasium Wandsworth since it opened in April and absolutely love it. I always walk away feeling great and with a smile on my face. The coaches are welcoming, amazing and incredibly professional whilst you are surrounded by tonnes of other friendly members, all at different fitness levels but having a fun time, enjoying getting fit and training together. The studio is also super clean and high end which makes it a really great place to train plus they have such an impressive variety of workouts and programmes which you can scale up and down. I will hugely recommend to anyone!


You get a great workout every-time you come to Gymnasium, but that's only the beginning. The programming is such that you also make incremental progress towards developing and mastering skills and movements you may never have thought were achievable.

All of this is done in a genuinely friendly and supportive community environment with expert coaching, top notch facilities and no small amount of banging tunes. I can honestly say Gymnasium has completely changed my outlook on my training and helped me vastly exceed what I thought possible from myself.

Show up, commit to the process and it can do the same for you.

On demand printing

We work with Teemill, a pioneering sustainable business that only uses organic materials and renewable energy powered factories. Real time, individual printing and shipping worldwide, all from the Isle of Wight.

Visit our Gymnasium Teemill store here.

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