Gymnasium Community


At Gymnasium we offer strength, conditioning & mobility classes in expertly coached group training

But we know that getting fitter is better, easier to stick to & more effective when done together so our community is at the very heart of what we do.

Doing Good

Gymnasium is the only certified B-Corp gym in the UK and recently appeared in Men’s Health as one of the World’s Best Gyms

Vast & Diverse Range of Classes

Our offerings include a diverse range of 60-minute classes encompassing cardio, strength training, functional exercises, and stability work. With over 100 classes weekly, we ensure a vibrant and dynamic experience for all.


We cater for all abilities; from people with limited experience but a desire to get fit, to those looking to add a technical & competitive element to their training with CrossFit & Hyrox.

We Love Events & Socials

Emphasising the joy of group workouts, we regularly organize team exercises and social events, including pub nights, cycling, and dog walking adventures, to strengthen our community bonds.

Expert Coaches

Our team of highly qualified, expert coaches is passionately committed to your growth, offering constant motivation, education, and support.

Effective & Fun

At Gymnasium, we believe in making fitness enjoyable, challenging, and accessible to everyone. We are thrilled to invite you into our community and support your fitness journey!

All our gyms are registered CrossFit affiliates, & registered Hyrox affiliates.

3 Pillars of Fitness

Over the course of our training cycles & across every class, we aim to develop our athletes in every pillar to deliver well balanced fitness and injury resistance both inside & outside the gym.

Strength & Power

Including strength and power work in your training is crucial to achieving many fitness goals. It has a huge impact on building muscle, losing fat, and improving your ability to train for longer. All our classes include a variation of strength and power movements every week to keep your training balanced.

Assault Bike Workout | Gymnasium CrossFit

Speed & Endurance

Our classes are designed to develop our athletes ability through varied lengths of workouts. Short hard sprints in our Interval Weight Training programme help athletes develop capacity across short bursts. Classes like The Thread, use variable intensities and pacing to build capacity across longer time periods.

Mobility & balance

Mobility and balance are the most overlooked aspect of an Athletes training. Everyone wants to lift heavy and get sweaty. But we help you improve your movement and mechanics too. From our specific Motion classes, to the functional body building included in all our programming we help you move better.