Gymnasium becomes the first gym in the UK to become a B Corp.

We’re thrilled to share that Gymnasium is the very first gym in the UK, and only the second CrossFit gym globally, to achieve B Corporation status. We’re in the same league as awesome companies like Patagonia, The Body Shop, Burton, Ben & Jerry’s, and Innocent. 🌟

B Corp is all about recognizing businesses that roll up their sleeves for sustainability and make a positive impact on our world. At Gymnasium, we firmly believe that every business should be a force for good.

Getting that B Corp thumbs-up wasn’t a walk in the park. We had to meet strict standards in how we’re governed, how we treat our amazing staff, how we connect with our community, how we respect our environment, and how we serve our wonderful customers.

We’ve scoured the land for suppliers who match our high standards and have a soft spot for local alternatives whenever we can. We have also created programs to help underprivileged youth, Spartans, and older individuals, Legends. If you know someone over 60 who would might benefit from our free zoom classes please share.

You can read our B Corp report here.

When you see the B Corp certification, it serves as a seal of approval that lets conscious consumers know where their money will have the most positive impact.

It means that by purchasing from that company, you’re not just supporting practices that are healthier for the world—you’re also supporting a whole new way of thinking about business.

We have gathered a list of our favourite fitness suppliers and friends here to make it easy for you to make good choices.

Energy Drinks

TENZING Natural Energy

In 2016 we set out on a journey to change the energy drinks game for good. We were tired of traditional energy drinks filled with artificial ingredients and heaps of sugar whilst witnessing billions being invested into petrol guzzling marketing and a list of carbon emissions that go on and on.

That’s why we created a new kind of energy drink: plant-based, low calorie, totally natural, mindful of the planet and made for a community of like-minded adventurers who whole-heartedly support our mission to invest in environmental projects that support our planet so that it can go on and on and on.

Protein & Suppliments

Form – Vegan Protein Powder

We started with a simple belief, that you can realise the greatest version of yourself while being mindful of others.

This permeates everything we do.

We crafted plant-based proteins for your body and responsibly-sourced nootropics for your brain. Backed by science, our products are designed with your optimal performance in mind.

We believe business should be a force for good – meaning we’re good for you and good for others too.


For skeptics, by skeptics.

We’re not about pseudoscience and half-truths. Health fads make our eyes roll. So, when we set out to develop Essential for Women, we wanted something simple, clean, and backed by science. We challenged some of the top scientists to reimagine the daily multivitamin for women. The result is everything we think a multivitamin should be.

Wild Nutrition

It was in 2010, while writing her first book and formulating for leading healthcare brands, that nutritional practitioner Henrietta Norton was asked to recommend supplements to a client.

“In all good faith, I couldn’t do it. There wasn’t anything on the market I could hand-on-heart recommend. I knew I could do it better. And I could raise the bar which at the time was shamefully low.”

And so, supported by her husband Charlie – with a background in design and an instinctive grasp of Really Good Ideas – Wild Nutrition was born. And with it, our dedication to Food-Grown® supplements.


hylo athletics | Champions of Tomorrow

Established 2020 to protect the future of running and sport. Because there is no running without a planet to run on. If earth hits a wall, so does sport.

Footwear has a footprint problem and our industry’s fossil fuel habit is leaving tomorrow for dead.The finish line is not inevitable.

With science in our soles and renewability in our materials. The future is still ours to write.

We are a community of champions of tomorrow. Our innovation is our activism.

Change will be our legacy. Run like the world depends on it.


Recipe Boxes – Mindful Chef

Prepared frozen meals – Cook

Food delivery – Abel & Cole

Biltong – Ember | British Biltong, Jerky & Charcuterie

Cereal – Rude Health

Ice Cream – Jude’s

Coffee – Union Coffee

Ready to drink coffee – Jimmy’s Iced Coffee

Plant Based Milk – Alpro

Snacks – Graze PROPER

Beer – JUBEL Beer | Beer cut with fruit & Brewgooder 

Wine – Ridgeview | English Sparkling Wine

0% Wine – Noughty

0% Beer – Lucky Saint & Days Brewing Co

Toiletries & Skincare

Loo roll – Who Gives A Crap UK

Skincare – Elemis & Aesop & Body Shop

Deodorant – B Corp – Wild UK

60+ Classes

Gymnasium Legends

Workouts specifically designed for those over 60. Classes are led by a coach over Zoom three times a week. No equipment is required, and a coach is there to guide every aspect of the session. Movements are scaled for all abilities and the classes are full of likeminded folks. many of whom hand around afterwards for a chat with each other! It means members to exercise at home; in a safe and familiar environment.