We offer strength, conditioning & mobility classes in expertly coached group training.

We know that getting fitter is better, easier to stick to & more effective when done together so our community is at the very heart of what we do.

We cater for all abilities; from people with limited experience but a desire to get fit, to those looking to add a technical & competitive element to their training with CrossFit & Hyrox.

Gymnasium is the only certified B-Corp gym in the UK and recently appeared in Men’s Health as one of the World’s Best Gyms. We are a registered CrossFit affiliate – Gymnasium CrossFit Brixton and are a registered Hyrox affiliate.

Memberships start at £140 a month, to find out what the best one is for your goals just get in touch!

To see the latest offers and get up to 50% off your first month get in touch!

Visiting the area, or want to jump into class with a friend who is an existing member? Have a look at the timetable below and send an email to coach. Drop ins cost £25.

Delta mixes constantly changing exercises, in different combinations, to build Strength & Power, Speed & Endurance, Mobility & Balance. Across the week each session has a different focus; pure cardio, pure strength & a hybrid of both.

Our specialist Hyrox classes are designed to develop the skills, conditions and challenges of a real event. Led by certified trainers, and when combined with our range of other classes & our Hyrox specific training guide, these classes will help improve your endurance, strength, agility, and speed.

A more technical fitness program that combines elements from high-intensity interval training, Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, and more. It’s designed to improve overall fitness and physical strength through varied and challenging workouts.

Wall Walks | Gymnasium Brixton CrossFit

Our specialized Motion class is designed to enhance joint mobility, strength, & stability across your full range of motion.

This class complements our other programs & yields substantial improvements in your gymnastics, strength, & lifting abilities.


This program adapts throughout the year to the specific demands of each competition, Hyrox, ATHX & Turf.

Classes focus on the unique challenges of each events, with expert coaching & simulations to refine your strategy & skills.


Technically complex, compound exercises that produce some of the highest power outputs in all of sport.

The Olympic lifts, the snatch, clean & jerk, as well as variations such as the power snatch, power clean, power jerk, hang snatch, hang clean and more are used by athletes to develop strength & explosiveness & are transferable across all other sports.

Run Club

If you are aiming to crush a 5K, conquer a triathlon, or simply improve your running skills, join us twice a week for a dynamic mix of distance, track, hills, and drills.

Sessions cater to all levels, offering expert guidance to enhance your endurance, speed, & technique.

Open Gym

Book a studio slot to perfect a skill, catch up a missed class or do your own workout.

Whether you were doing it with your gym bestie or tackling it solo… the support for everyone at Gymnathlon was next level 🥹🙌🏻

Everyone had their own personal cheer squad ✌🏻📣👏🏻
Brixton showed UP for Gymnathlon 2024 😎🙌🏻
@peterandgraham2017 with his 1200+ classes!! What a hero 😍

And many more to come Peter! We love having you part of the Gymnasium family 🐕‍🦺💚
⛰️ Gymnasium Hike

📆 20th July

Saturday social out of the gym! We’ll be getting the train to Seaford from Victoria. Meet at the gym at
09:10 or at the station before we depart at 09:54. Once we’ve made it to Seven Sisters we’ll walk along the cliffs, stopping for refreshments a few hours 🍻and finishing in Eastbourne at approx 5pm.

Get booked in on the app 🤝 All details there
Entries are closed and we’re getting prepped for Gymnathlon 🏋️‍♂️

🏆 Workouts can be found on the @gymnasium.fit_global instagram

📢 Instagram Live Briefing: Thursday 4pm for all the details on scoring, movements, and standards on @gymnasium.fit_clapham 

👏 Come down and support from 10:30am onwards!
We are delighted to bring a new parents class to Gymnasium Brixton. Not in the baby space yet, but your Instagram is full of your friend’s baby pictures? Please pass this on!

A 45 minute class for all fitness levels bringing together local parents who want to get fit in a fun & safe environment. Best of all you are able to bring your babies, toddlers, kids with you.

When | Every Monday & Wednesday at 9.15am.
Who | For Mums & Dads of all fitness levels!
Where | gymnasium.fit_brixton

✅Nanny on site to look after the little ones
✅Space for prams in the workout area

Contact Gym Lead Nic or tel:07861269886 for more info!
Stronger Bodyweight 💪 

These classes are filled with valuable drills, a good mix of eccentric and foot assisted work, solid strengthening of the midline and inversion training. Don’t sleep on these sessions, team - every Thursday evening 18:00!

All the small things
Let’s goooooo 🔥

Practicing those changeovers for competitions 😮‍💨 Good luck yo everyone competing at Turf Games this weekend, come and say hi at our arena 🔥

Don’t forget about the rowing programme on your Gymnasium App | Members Hub | Guides & Programmes 🚣‍♀️
📣 Last chance to sign up!!

🏃‍♂️💨 Gymnathlon sign ups close 20th June so get your running shoes laced up and get entered!! Check @gymnasium.fit_global for a peak at the workouts 👀

This is a great event to set a benchmark time and improve each year 🙌

If you’d like to complete the Gymnathlon as a pair check your Members Hub for the solo discount code and we’ll partner you up 🤝
☀️ When the weather’s nice so coach tells you to go play outside… 😏

Intro to CrossFit session ✅

Our new CrossFitters learning all the fundamentals last weekend!! In this 4 hour session we cover kipping and handstand gymnastics along with Olympic Lifting 🏋🏼‍♀️

No matter what your level there will be movements to work on, movements to learn and you’ll leave with an understanding of how to approach CrossFit workouts with these movements!

Our next intro to CrossFit will be 22nd June at @gymnasium.fit_wandsworth 11:30-2:30pm. This is exclusively for WW members but keep your eyes peeled if we open up more spaces 👀

Book in on your Gymnasium App 👉🏻
Based on 160 reviews
Richard A.
Richard A.
I was only in Brixton for a month and was recommended Gymnasium for their training and community. It didn’t disappoint. The coaches are ace and so welcoming – no egos were present and it was exactly what I needed. The gym is super clean and is a massive step up from the usual CrossFit railway arches. I saw my training improve and had a real laugh along the way. I’ll be coming back to drop in when I’m visiting Brixton. Thank you Nic and the team. X
James A.
James A.
I’ve been a member at Gymnasium for just under a year and have loved every moment. Varied classes, friendly and professional coaches and a vibrant community. I have particularly enjoyed the exceptionally well organised events which occur throughout the year.
Aly F.
Aly F.
Great gym, knowledgable and inclusive coaches and very friendly members!
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Based on 160 reviews