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Gymnasium is a strength, conditioning & mobility gym based around expertly coached group training. We believe a gym should be a communal experience and know that getting fitter is better, easier to stick to and more effective when done together.

We cater for all abilities; from people with limited experience but a desire to get fit, to those looking to add a technical & competitive element to their training.

Our large, Holland & Harvey architect-designed space, conveniently located just off Clapham High Street, is stocked with top of the range equipment and newly built changing, showering and communal facilities.

Meet our coaches, some of our members or check out our gallery for a snapshot of what it is like to be part of the community.

Our core Gymnasium membership gives you access to classes within three programs, Athletica, Stronger & Motion. Our Gymnasium Plus membership includes all the Gymnasium classes above and also adds competitive and technical elements to your training with Olympic & CrossFit. It also gives you access to Open Gym. 

Due to COVID restrictions we have had to adjust our membership options to ensure social distancing in the gym and to minimise class oversubscription whilst allowing as many of our members to get access to the gym. This means we have introduced Peak, Off-peak & Weeknight only memberships that are priced slightly differently.

We also offer Legends Live; free online classes designed for those over 60.


Gives you access to three types of classes that you can mix & match as much as you want.

  • Athletica – cardio, strength & high impact.
  • Stronger – focusses on building strength.
  • Motion – flexibility, joint strength & stability.

Gymnasium Peak* 

Month-to-month £160/month

Gymnasium Off-peak*

month-to-month £140/month

Gymnasium Weeknights**

Month-to-month £110/month

Select free trial class Email Coach

Gymnasium Plus

Includes all the Gymnasium classes above and also adds competitive and technical elements to your training.

  • Compete x CrossFit – high-intensity, weightlifting, gymnastics & cardio.
  • Olympic – technically complex, compound lifts.
  • Open Gym – self-contained studio for individual workouts.

Gymnasium Plus Peak*

month-to-month £200/month

Gymnasium Plus Off-peak*

month-to-month £180/month

Gymnasium Plus Weeknights**

Month-to-month £150/month

Select free trial class Email Coach

*AM or PM Peak & Off-peak

  • Peak Members must choose to either train in AM or PM weekday class times
  • Peak AM slots will be weekday classes starting between ‪6-7:30am
  • Peak PM slots will be weekday classes starting between ‪6-7:30pm
  • All other weekday classes are deemed Off-Peak and available on all Off-Peak Memberships (no need to choose AM or PM).
  • Off-peak slots will be accessible to both Peak AM & Peak PM members
  • Weekend slots will be accessible to all members


  • Gymnasium – from 4:30pm – access to Atheltica & Run Club (no access to Stronger or weekend classes)
  • Gymnasium Plus – from 4:30pm – access to Atheltica, Compete & Run Club (no access to Stronger or weekends classes)

Newly renovated, architect-designed facility

Our architect-designed facility has just been equipped with the finest kit from Rogue Fitness. From the smallest weights to nudge up your PB and soft jump boxes to save your shins to brand new Assault bikes, Concept2 rowers and specialist strength equipment there is enough kit for everyone.

We have three distinct workout zones. Two zones are dedicated to classes and one is a self-contained strength gym. Each area is wired for sound, has drinking water stations and large flat screens.

We also have on-site changing facilities, individual showers, hairdryers, straighteners & bathrooms, vending machines and space to grab a coffee and have a chat before or after your class.

Facilities | Videos | Clapham

Facilities | Images | Clapham

Community | Videos

Community | Images



Gymnasium | Clapham
Unit 3H
Clapham North Arts Centre
26-32 Voltaire Road
Entrance to Arts Centre /// define.swift.talent
Entrance to Gymnasium /// mugs.exam.cherry
Entrance to Open Gym/The Vault /// sticks.advice.lists
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