We are a strength, conditioning & mobility gym based around expertly coached group training. We know that getting fitter is better, easier to stick to & more effective when done together so our community is at the very heart of what we do.

We cater for all abilities; from people with limited experience but a desire to get fit, to those looking to add a technical & competitive element to their training with CrossFit & Hyrox classes.


Our large space, conveniently located off Clapham High Street, is stocked with top of the range equipment and great changing, showering & communal facilities with free towels & toiletries.

Gymnasium is the only certified B-Corp gym in the UK and recently appeared in Men’s Health as one of the World’s Best Gyms.

We are a registered CrossFit affiliate – Gymnasium CrossFit Clapham, and are a registered Hyrox affiliate.

Clapham | Gymnasium CrossFit

Memberships start at £140 a month, to find out what the best one is for your goals just get in touch!

To see the latest offers and get up to 50% off your first month get in touch!

Visiting the area, or want to jump into class with a friend who is an existing member? Have a look at the timetable below and get in touch. Drop ins cost £25.

An accessible fitness program which uses natural movement to help you achieve your goals, whether that’s weight loss, strength or general fitness.

It mixes cardio, strength training & high impact exercises, adaptable to your own level, in an environment that is fun and energetic, all under the guidance of one of our experienced coaches.

A more technical fitness program that combines elements from high-intensity interval training, Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, and more.

It’s designed to improve overall fitness and physical strength through varied & challenging workouts under the guidance of one of our experienced coaches.

Our Stronger program is designed for small groups to ensure personalized attention.

Each session is guided by an expert coach, focusing on key lifts including push, pull, squats, deadlifts, and presses.

With no cardio involved, every workout maximizes your strength gains.

Wall Walks | Gymnasium Brixton CrossFit

Our specialized Motion class is designed to enhance joint mobility, strength, & stability across your full range of motion.

This class complements our other programs & yields substantial improvements in your gymnastics, strength, & lifting abilities.


This program adapts throughout the year to the specific demands of each competition, Hyrox, ATHX & Turf.

Classes focus on the unique challenges of each events, with expert coaching & simulations to refine your strategy & skills.


Technically complex, compound exercises that produce some of the highest power outputs in all of sport.

The Olympic lifts, the snatch, clean & jerk, as well as variations such as the power snatch, power clean, power jerk, hang snatch, hang clean and more are used by athletes to develop strength & explosiveness & are transferable across all other sports.

Run Club

If you are aiming to crush a 5K, conquer a triathlon, or simply improve your running skills, join us twice a week for a dynamic mix of distance, track, hills, and drills.

Sessions cater to all levels, offering expert guidance to enhance your endurance, speed, & technique.

Open Gym

Book a studio slot to perfect a skill, catch up a missed class or do your own workout.

Timetable – PDF

Wholesome Saturday Cycle Club ☕️🚲

Get the next one in the diary! 

📆 27th July | 🚵‍♂️ Box Hill | ⏱️ 80km
Spicy solo workout 🌶️
For Time:

100 Pullups
100 Sit Ups
100 Wallballs
100 KB Swings

*Every 2 Minutes, 10 Down Ups

*40 Minute Time Cap

#crossfit #crossfitlondon #londongyms #crossfituk
Running round the track between stations in the heat 🔥 was NO JOKE 🥵… it’s the stuff absolute legends are made of! #stillnotoverit #gymnathlon24 

WELL DONE to all who took to the track! 👊
Gymnathlon 2024

Some people may call this… The Perfect Day 🏋🏼‍♀️🍻☀️🍸💙
Gymnathlon 24 Briefing
Wednesday funsies with the gang 🤝
Entries are closed and we’re getting prepped for Gymnathlon 🏋️‍♂️

🏆 Workouts can be found on the @gymnasium.fit_global instagram

📢 Instagram Live Briefing: Thursday 4pm for all the details on scoring, movements, and standards

👏 Come down and support from 10:30am onwards!
📣 Last chance to sign up!!

🏃‍♂️💨 Gymnathlon sign ups close 20th June so get your running shoes laced up and get entered!! Check @gymnasium.fit_global for a peak at the workouts 👀

This is a great event to set a benchmark time and improve each year 🙌

If you’d like to complete the Gymnathlon as a pair check your Members Hub for the solo discount code and we’ll partner you up 🤝

…another steaming cardio session in the Athletica studio! 

Who’s ready to throw down in  Athletica this weekend? 💥 

Some OGs with >1000 classes 🙌🏻

We love to see members progress at Gymnasium over time 🥹
The ring muscle ups were muscling yesterday evening with the 6pm crew. Awesome to see members progressing so much and were only half way through the block 💪
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When walking into any CrossFit gym as a drop in, it’s always that first question that runs through your mind “what are the coaches and members going to be like”I can safely safe, that when walking my into Gymnasium Clapham, you are welcomed and made to feel apart of their community right away.The box has a great space and everything there is what you would hope for in a gym (as well as the right equipment)Programming is on point, you definitely get a good workout in and the coaches give you a great push when needed as do the members too. Further to this, they offer great alternatives classes to CrossFit, so you don’t have to go full send if you don’t want to.Being a guest at the space, I really didn’t feel like one at all. Thank you for everyone at Gymnasium and for anyone looking for a gym to drop into or be a member of, this place is where you need to be if you’re south of the river in London.
I’m visiting from out of town and am so thrilled to have found a nice CrossFit gym close to where I’m staying. I took a class with Charlie this morning and had a fantastic workout. Charlie was very knowledgeable and helpful with the workout movements. Lots of friendly people around the gym as well. The facilities are well organized and clean. There is a nice snack machine too with some protein bars and energy drinks which was helpful as I forgot to pack those. Highly recommend this place for CrossFit.
What a gym! I have been part of this community for over 5 years and I am continuously impressed by the Coaching and the gym facilities. From daily classes to gym events the Coaching and environment is inclusive and fun. With coaches who have the ability to adjust and explain workouts for all abilities from first timers to competing athletes. I would highly recommend you give it a try, you are guaranteed to be fitter and stronger than you’ve ever been and make some great friendships along the way, it will become your home away from home 😉
Team Support Olympic Lifting | Clapham Gymnasium CrossFit

Clapham North Arts Centre
26-32 Voltaire Rd

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Gymnasium Clapham
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