Coaches Academy

Coaches are the cornerstone of our community and so we want the best. The Gymnasium Coaching Academy is our in house coaches training programme. The aim is to take people who are passionate about a career in fitness and develop them to become epic Gymnasium Coaches.

Our programme lasts approximately 3 months, and during this time coaches will participate in classes as members, before shadowing classes with our full time coaching team, and eventually leading classes whilst under supervision.

Every week the academy coaches meet for their Coaching Academy Clinic session. During these sessions our experienced coaching team will work with the academy to develop key coaching skills.

Alongside weekly coaching clinics there are also Coaching Academy Camps. These are all day sessions where coaches are taken through all the key progressions, coaching cues and corrections that we use in our classes.

All academy coaches receive regular feedback as they progress through each stage and those who graduate can go on to join our part time and full time coaching team.

Understanding what it is like to be a Gymnasium member is one of the cornerstones of the programme, that is why all of the Academy coaches benefit from a free membership for the duration of the programme.

To apply please contact