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We love an event at Gymnasium! They are a great way to get to know people, have a good laugh, see what you are capable of and, if you are into it, how you stack up against your friends.

We have an event almost every month from team workouts to solo efforts, and welcome everyone from newbies to hardened weekend competitors. Everything can be scaled and we generally have two divisions so all members can get involved and everyone is equal, especially at the pub at the end of the day!

We also have social events like regular dog walks, volleyball & an annual pub quiz.

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CrossFit Games | February & March

The CrossFit Open is an annual, global competition. Across 3 weekends workouts are released on Thursday night. You complete them in Saturday class and submit your score online. For some The Open is the first stage in qualification for the in-person Crossfit Games. For us, it is about getting together, testing ourselves in a competitive environment and having a great time.

There are 3 divisions, RX, Scaled and Foundations. Everyone at Gymnasium is able to participate in one of the divisions.

The Riot | April

Teams of mixed pairs representing their home Gymnasium compete in a series of workouts through the day. Competing to be the best gym in the Gymnasium world…



The Team Games is a mixed team of 4 event made up of 2 male and 2 female athletes. There are 4 workouts across the day and you will need to work as a team, communicate and understand each others strengths and weaknesses. There is only 1 division and the workouts are accessible to all levels of athlete, so if you train at Gymnasium, you will be good to go.

This is a great opportunity for you to team up with people who you regularly train or compete with in classes and see how you stack up against the rest of the community.

Gymnasium Outdoor | Summer

Multiple classes of 60+ people working out on Clapham Common in the sun with some great tunes.

Gymnathlon | June

The Gymnathlon is an individual race that involves multiple workouts between short cardio stations. (It’s like an assault course where you run between obstacles, but the obstacles have been replaced with short spicy workouts, and some of the running replaced with a C2, a rower, ski and assault bike.) 

Participants start in waves and there are both Everyday Athlete and RX variations. The whole workout lasts around 60 minutes. Whilst it is competitive with winners in multiple categories, think of it more like a Charity 10k, Hyrox or a Tough Mudder; in that the taking part, the finishing and the after party is the reward.

24 in 24 | August

A charity event where individuals do 24 workouts in 24 hours, 1 workout on the hour. Some members drop in and do 1 or 2 workouts, some do 10 or 11, some do the full 24 hours, sleeping in the gym, fuelled by wine gyms. One of the highlights is the midnight 1 mile run to the pub!

Gymnasium Games | September

The Gymnasium Games is a solo event. Three spicy 3 workouts across the day, for each of two divisions – Everyday Athlete and RX. We say 3 workouts, but the first one was a triplet! The final workout is our traditional clean ladder. Scores were totalled up and 12 podium finishers got bags of stash and kudos from their fellow competitors!

Halloween Spooktacular | October

Is all about the fancy dress!

The Total

The CrossFit Total is a benchmark test of your functional strength. The three movements, the back squat, shoulder press and deadlift. you have three attempts to lift your heaviest load for each movement. Even a failed rep counts as an attempt. Your score is the combined total of the heaviest lift from each movement.

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