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Absolutely not. Every class we run has an experienced coach at the lead to guide and support you. Every movement can be scaled and you can easily have a full class with people all doing slight variations of the same movement. You can jump straight into all our Athletica, Stronger and Motion classes. For CrossFit, we run free introduction courses to teach some more of the advanced movements and give you the confidence to join those classes safely.

Our community, we place as much importance on the social side of the gym as on the physical side. We design many of our workouts so you work together, we mix people up – there is nothing like shared adversity to build a strong bond. We build large member areas in our gyms so people can hangout together, we have loads of events, lots of clubs and do love a social.

We don’t offer personal training. We know that working out in a group, under the expert guidance of one of our qualified coaches gives the best mix of support, motivation and progression. We run weekly skills clinics and many of our classes start with skill progressions. We also offer Open Gym sessions staffed by a Coach if you want to work on something specific.

B-Corp is a sustainability credential. We believe all businesses should invest in a purpose higher than just profit. People care about where they spend their money, who they work for and are increasingly choosing to do that with companies that share their own values. Becoming a B Corporation has been a key objective to demonstrate our commitment to the community we serve, the staff members we support, and the environment we use.

To certify as a B Corp, Gymnasium had to meet rigorous standards in 5 key areas; governance, workers, community, environment & customers. These principles are written into our Articles of Association – placing impact on people and planet alongside profit in any decision taken by our management team.

Yes, all our gyms are registered Crossfit Affiliates. We offer a variety of classes alongside CrossFit to ensure well rounded fitness, accessibility & injury prevention.

Gymnasium Crossfit Brixton

Gymnasium Crossfit Clapham

Gymnasium Crossfit Southside

CrossFit is a structured functional strength and conditioning programme designed to challenge and create the strongest and fittest athlete that you can be. CrossFit uses functional movements bringing in elements from a range of disciplines, including cardio training, gymnastics and weightlifting. The workouts aren’t easy but CrossFit is designed for everyone and can be adapted for all individuals. It is very varied with workouts that are constantly changing and challenging us in different ways so you will never get bored.


Yes! Our Athletica class is focused on all round fitness including high intensity workouts. Stronger is focused on base strength work, with no cardio allowed. Motion helps keep your joints strong, healthy and flexible. We are also known for being a top CrossFit affiliate. We also offer Run Club, Skills Clinics, Cycle Club and more!

You can book into a class a week before via our app or website.

You can cancel out of a class up to an hour before. After that there is a late cancellation charge which increases if you don’t show up for your class. This goes to charity.

Classes run to the hour, giving us time for a thorough warm up and cool down. Actual training time is approx 40 minutes. 

DELTΔ – our all-body classes that mixes the best of Athletica & Stronger into a single session. Certain days have a strength focus, whilst others mix styles include HiiT & HiRT
Available at BRX | WW

Athletica – mix of cardio, body weight and strength at high-intensity
Available at CLP | WW

Stronger – focusses on building fundamental strength with pushes, pulls and squats
Available at CLP | WW

Motion – flexibility, joint strength & stability
Available at BRX | CLP | WW

CrossFit – constantly varied mix of weightlifting, gymnastics & cardio at high-intensity
Available at BRX | CLP | WW

Run – twice weekly mix of distance, track, hills and drills.
Available at BRX | CLP | WW

Open Gym – book a studio slot to perfect a skill, catch up a missed class or do your own workout
Available at BRX | CLP | WW

Read more about our classes here.


Every Gymnasium studio has toilets, showering facilities with body wash and shampoo, hair dryers and/or straighteners and shower towels. There are water stations to fill up your bottles and we encourage you to bring your own to avoid single use plastic. There are extras like hair ties, face wipes, deodorant and lotion in the changing rooms and protein shakes, protein bars or energy drinks are available to purchase from our vending machine.


Yes absolutely. Everyone’s first session is free and then you can give us an extended try for a month for £50. After that you join up on a monthly basis with no tie-ins or long rolling contracts. If you like us and continue to like us then you stay a member. If your circumstances change or you just want to try something new then you can cancel with 7 days notice. We want everyone who trains with us to love it so we don’t believe in tieing you in!

There are a few different options for membership depending on the gym but they range from £99 per month for 9 Athletica sessions per month to £225 for every day access to all of our classes and access to the gym space outside of class time. Get in touch if you want the full pricing details or check out the membership section  – we don’t hide our prices so it’s all there!

There are no joining fees. Memberships run on a rolling month by month basis except for the class packs which are valid for the specific time for the chosen pack. We do not tie you into contracts as we want all our members to train with us because they really want to be here not because they have to. However, if you do need to end your membership, that is not a problem and you can cancel at any time with a months notice.

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