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Fuel focusses on nutrition & wellness; what fuels our bodies & minds. Lectures & seminars with industry leading experts & qualified nutritionalists throughout the year including Fundamentals & Body Composition nutrition courses.

A 4 week course combining presentations, 1-on-1 support, toolkits and access to our fitness classes to help you develop a better understanding of, and attitude towards nutrition, health and fitness. 

We help you give up processed food, sugar and alcohol to hit the reset button on your nutrition, break the cycle of bad habits and set the foundation for long term healthy habits. 

Participants will receive

  • Individual guidance on how to set and achieve personal goals
  • Education on nutrition and portion control
  • A comprehensive meal planner and recipe book
  • Fuel Group Workouts
  • Support from a dedicated coach and the Fuel community
  • Guidance post-challenge 
  • Inspiration & insight from guest speakers
  • Access to all Athletica classes for the four weeks

This is not for the uncommitted or those looking for a quick fix, but we, and your fellow participants will be there for you throughout the process. We know that better nutrition in combination with classes based our 3 pillars of fitness deliver incredible results.

For more information on our next course please email jack@gymnasium.fit


I found this very motivating and I liked the fact that this was more than just a diet challenge, it was a lifestyle improvement. The holistic approach to being healthy was very important to me, I tried to improve my sleep and reduce screen time. Which combines very well with improving diet and exercise


I went in a little sceptical as I’ve never successfully given up alcohol/sugar/processed food but I thought I’d fully buy in as it was only 4 weeks.

Got some pretty good results in terms of dropping a few kgs and am definitely feeling healthier. Thanks for all the support along the way, reading the fb group as soon as I woke up each morning was so motivating and also knowing a load of other people were all doing it together also helped massively.


I did not eat any cakes or sweets for the four weeks. I have a huge sweet tooth so this a big achievement for me. Until now I have still only eaten a couple of desserts and this exercise has made me realise I was eating to excess and by cutting back my sugar intake I am in better shape and it is a mind over matter solution to the problem and breaking a habit. So a really big thank you for helping me with this :)

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