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Based around our 3 pillars of fitness; Strength, conditioning & mobility.

Gymnasium Athletica members can access a wide range of classes, clinics and clubs that sit within three core programs: Athletica, Stronger & Motion. Crossfit members can access all of Gymnasium Athletica as well as CrossFit program and classes.


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Athletica is a uniquely accessible fitness programme which uses natural movement to help people achieve their goals, whether that’s weight loss, strength or general fitness. It mixes cardio, strength training and high impact exercises, adaptable to your personal level and goals, in an environment that is fun and energetic under the guidance of one of our experienced coaches.


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Small groups, focussed solely on strength training with an expert coach guiding every aspect of the workout. This is a great, supportive session for anyone who’s looking to improve their base strength.


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Motion has two major components. One focusses on building  joint strength & stability. The other looks at increasing range of motion and the recovery of joints.


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CrossFit is a competitive and measurable fitness programme. This means that you can track your progress across a number of defined, high-intensity movements combining weightlifting, gymnastics, running, rowing and more. 



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