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We group our classes into 5 core programs. These programs have an 8 week focus, can be mixed and are designed to compliment each other and progress athletes over time. We find mixing the different intensities, movement types and energy systems being used across our programs helps to keep athletes injury free, motivated and delivers results.

Membership – Compete is a competitive and measurable fitness programme across a number of defined, high-intensity movements, combining weightlifting, gymnastics, running, rowing and more. The focus here is good form with a high-coach-to-member ratio to ensure correct and safe movement and progression.

Olympic lifts are technically complex, super compound exercises that produce some of the highest power outputs in all of sport. The Olympic lifts, the snatch, clean and jerk, as well as variations such as the power snatch, power clean, power jerk, hang snatch, hang clean and more are used by athletes to develop strength and explosiveness and are transferable across all other sports.

Our self-contained strength gym can be booked for open gym sessions to work out solo.

Athletica is a uniquely accessible fitness programme which uses natural movement to help people achieve their goals, whether that’s weight loss, strength or general fitness. It mixes cardio, strength training and high impact exercises, adaptable to your personal level and goals, in an environment that is fun and energetic under the guidance of one of our experienced coaches.

Small groups, focussed solely on strength training with an expert coach guiding every aspect of the workout. This is a great, supportive session for anyone who’s looking to improve their base strength. No cardio!

Motion is our strength and mobility class. Often athletes work on either strength, or stretching. Our motion programme combines both.

Range of motion without stability can often lead to bigger issues. Our motion class helps you develop joint strength and stability throughout your current range of motion, as well as any new range that you develop.

Working on specific areas to compliment our other programs you will see significant improvement in gymnastic, strength and lifting.

Weekly run & swim clubs.

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