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We are really excited to for our Free Legends Live workouts! Specifically designed for those over 60, these classes are led by a coach over Zoom video conference three times a week. 

As everyone is being encouraged to take greater precautions but keep healthy, we want to do our bit to provide a way to keep those who are slightly older, active. This class is for the 60+ community who are looking to stay fit and healthy, from the comfort of their own homes, and has been adapted from our successful in-gym Legends programme. No equipment is required, and a coach is there to guide every aspect of the session.


The classes are streamed live at 10am GMT on Monday, Wednesday Friday. 


To join the workout, simply click on this Zoom link, just before the class starts. No software is needed, it will work on a laptop, tablet or mobile phone and the link will be the same every class.

You can also copy this URL https://zoom.us/j/914624952 and paste into any browser. Booking-marking or saving it as a favourite will help you find it faster in future.


If you have any questions about the programme, or would like to sign up for reminder emails, please drop us an email at coach@gymnasium.fit and a coach will be happy to chat. 



“If you are over 60 and looking to raise your fitness level definitely look up the Gymnasium Legends classes online.  Easily accessible and you can go at your own pace.  Especially useful for an old duffer like me who hadn’t undertaken any exercise for more years than I care to mention.   I do it twice a week and can already see an improvement in fitness and mobility – now I can’t wait for the next class. Tyla, the coach is brilliant and it’s the best thing I’ve discovered during the Lock down.”


“My son has been saying “You should do CrossFit, it’s amazing!”, for a few years now. 70 year old jaundiced Dad me, who’s not a gym person, has politely ignored the advice, despite being impressed by the concept and James’ fitness. (I’ve joined gyms in the past and know that it’s not my thing).

I’m on my third week and I’m loving it! I go to a spare room just before 10am, log on to Zoom and up pops Tyla the coach – and about 20 other Legends (over 60’s). Tyla takes us through a warm up, strength session and a workout before a short end of session stretch. It’s all done in 45 minutes and I feel brilliant."


“I join the Legends Tuesday session.  The trainer adapts the workout to your own home space with enthusiasm and demonstrates each exercise and offers easier option to follow at our own level.  The 10 minute circuit is demanding but we all work at our own pace and it’s a great feeling as the clock counts down. It’s a great start to my day!”


“I am really enjoying the exercise class with Tyla. 10am is a great time to do it as it sets me up well for the day. I was nervous at first as I am not used to exercising at home but Tyla is very reassuring and she’s a great coach. Thank you Gymnasium!”

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