Workouts specifically designed for those over 60. Classes are led by a coach over Zoom video conference three times a week. No equipment is required, and a coach is there to guide every aspect of the session. Movements are scaled for all abilities and the classes are full of likeminded folks. many of whom hand around afterwards for a chat with each other! It means members to exercise at home; in a safe and familiar environment.

The free classes are streamed live at 10am GMT on Monday, Wednesday & Friday. 

We regularly hold Introduction Classes. Where we’ll run through everything you need to know about how the classes run, answer any questions you may have and allow you to get to know other new joiners.  

If you have any questions about the programme or would like to join our next intro please drop us an email at legends@gymnasium.fit and we will be happy to chat.

“Easily accessible and you can go at your own pace.  Especially useful for an old duffer like me who hadn’t undertaken any exercise for more years than I care to mention. I do it twice a week and can already see an improvement in fitness and mobility – now I can’t wait for the next class. The coach is brilliant and it’s the best thing I’ve discovered during the Lock down.”


“I join the Legends Tuesday session.  The trainer adapts the workout to your own home space with enthusiasm and demonstrates each exercise and offers easier option to follow at our own level.  The 10 minute circuit is demanding but we all work at our own pace and it’s a great feeling as the clock counts down. It’s a great start to my day!”

“I am really enjoying the exercise class. 10am is a great time to do it as it sets me up well for the day. I was nervous at first as I am not used to exercising at home but Sophia is very reassuring and she’s a great coach. Thank you Gymnasium!”